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View Diary: White House asks Sen. Schumer to reintroduce bill better protecting reporters and their sources (66 comments)

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    The Geogre

    ... just explain it.  Cool comfort, without doubt.

    And the Watergate backlash/reform is spot-on as an example of what can happen when the situation is sufficiently dire; as are TR's trust busting and the wave of reforms following '29.

    With our current combination of legislative dysfunction and corporate play-calling, along with an atrophied noblesse oblige from those able to attain posts of authority, our culture devolves under the weight of toothless laws and cynical gamesmanship.

    A few swim against this tide (I'm looking at you Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders).  But 51% will not be enough to qualify as a large popular vote and free Obama to do as his private thoughts might lead him.  Without the tools to effect the change he might want, he stands a better chance to nudge events by "slow playing" it.

    It's most irritating and I want him to at least forcefully express those directions - even if attaining them proves impractical without partners of like mind in the legislature.  My sincerest hope is that 2014 ushers in a D controlled House and Senate, and contrary to history, O's last two years are his best.  I will work for that.

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