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View Diary: Personalized Handgun Safety Act of 2013, or using technology to stop the carnage (65 comments)

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  •  I understand your argument and (0+ / 0-)

    appreciate how arbitrary it is to pick the number 7 as a limit.

    Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful comments here.

    But it is critically important to recognize that there is growing anguish, resentment, and resolve to address the absurdly loose gun policies we have tolerated for so long.

    The non-gun toting public is just plain tired of all the irresponsible and reckless behavior surrounding guns, both in the home and in public, especially all the discharge incidents that are deemed "accidents", but in reality are the predictable result of careless, ill-informed, and impulsive behavior.

    According to the National Library of Medicine more than half of unintentional shootings are committed by children and teens. That is an obvious problem. But the scariest part is that almost half of unintentional shootings are committed by adults, who really ought to know better.

    Disclaimer: I was taught to shoot straight at the age of 10 and grew with guns. I support the RKBA for self defense, and believe there are many regulations that can make gun ownership and use safer for both the owner and for everyone around them.

    There is no 2A right to create a menace.

    "They did not succeed in taking away our voice" - Angelique Kidjo - Opening the Lightning In a Bottle concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City - 2003

    by LilithGardener on Thu May 16, 2013 at 10:43:32 AM PDT

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