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  •  I can list other reasons he should not be AG, but (0+ / 0-)

    this isn't one of them.

    They are not "SPYING" on anyone, and are investigating the actions of an ACTUAL TRAITOR. If the act is "spying" it is on the people calling the press, not the press.

    Further, it was never a SECRET. If you have a bone to pick it should be with the phone company, as their policy is to not inform the customer when a government agency subpoenas their records. Google on the other hand does inform the customer. The government is under no obligation to inform, in fact may not even be able to until they get the information to even know WHO to inform.

    It is a corporate record of the phone company, none of us have privacy rights that extend to the records of people we do business with... with the specific exception being medical records under HIPPA.

    Now, if you want to pass a law for all records, or just press related records, similar to HIPPA, do so. But as of now no such law exists and therefore the DoJ wasn't breaking any laws or invading any privacy in asking for the records.

    The phone company could have said NO, at which point DoJ would have walked into court and asked a Judge for a court ordered subpoena... as is what happens in regards to getting records from Google (for example) right now.

    When some copyright troll looks to go after a YouTube poster, they subpoena Google, Google tells them to go fuck themselves, and they then ask a Judge. Sometimes the Judge complies, some times not, depending on the specific facts.

    Now, if you want to dump Holder because the DoJ has chosen not to pursue criminal and civil suits against the thieving bankers over the $trillions stolen in the mortgage scandal.... I'm down with that, it is called incompetence and corruption.

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