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    of tax exempt status of organizations? Congress? They will be bought off by lobbyists. Another government regulatory agency? Again, regulators can be bought off by lobbyists - just look at the so-called "bank regulators" at the SEC and how they are in bed with the financial industry. Instead of regulating them, they nod and wink at their illegal activities, and give them a slap on the wrist fine if they find any wrong doing. Hiring an outside third party government contractor? That is privatization (which the Republicans would love), but it is also ripe for being used as a political football (as in withholding funding, etc.). I disagree with your assessment - the IRS is the perfect agency to handle the decision of which groups should be granted tax exempt status and which should not. The IRS just needs to stop being so damned timid about stopping abuses of tax exempt status, and start enforcing the law. FYI, IRS funding has been cut by Republicans, which is probably one of the reasons why they have abandoned oversight of certain things - please be aware that the right wing has declared an ideological war on certain government agencies, and they are being deliberately targeted/defunded by the right wing .

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