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View Diary: Skeptical Science flattens deniers: 97% of peer-reviewed papers say humans causing climate change (113 comments)

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    There was a previous survey from the National Academy of Sciences that produced the 97% number for views of scientists, so I'm reasonably confident in that number. But that number doesn't mean 3% disagree, there was 2% who felt the issue wasn't adequately proven yet, so it really was only 1% deniers. And given the size of the survey, that could probably be met by 2 well-known cranks.

    But you are right, the deniers don't publish as much, that's also an established metric. And the papers they do publish don't get as many citations.

    But, at the same time, this is a survey of paper abstracts, which are constrained in length. So many of the papers that agree with the consensus don't bother mentioning it. That means that a denier paper is more likely to make a contrary statement in the abstract, since that's what they are trying to prove.

    It looks like those two factors balanced out, at least roughly. And again, the metrics don't really match unless you round down to 2 digits.

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