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  •  Obama administration poor treatment of the press (3+ / 0-)
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    David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer prize winning tax journalist is being quoted today about his article

    The other IRS scandal
    Required context for a controversy

    He was on this morning. In a while the video of his interview and transcript will be on their web site.

    I recall a couple of years ago when he wrote the article "SS Not Broke" and our own joeshikspack wrote a long diary about how Obama was working for the 1% on this issue.

    Back to today's democracynow interview.

    Johnston wrote an article 8 days after Obama was inaugurated the first time that was very critical of the poor treatment of the press by the White House.  He had been dealing with the White house since Nixon presidency. He called up and asked who he was talking with. They wouldn't give their name. He wanted to know who he talked to to be able to quote them. The W Bush administration was much better than Obama's press team.

    Many journalists have been poorly served by the White House all along.  

    I didn't know about the extent of this until today.

    The collapse of journalism has included a compliant press corps who didn't out the White House years ago. Without an aggressive press who would push to get people on the record, one is left with press releases.

    As Johnston says, the administration passes out stories about what they want to say every day. But the public if we are true to our constitution, has a right to know about what they don't want to talk about.

    The White House today asked for Shumer to reintroduce legislation shielding journalists. A 2009 article in the NY Times quoted Schumer back when the legislation was first introduced that the pressure against the bill would mean that it would not pass.

    Now that the White House has realized that there are people out there to get them, they need the press.

    We know that the Republicans plotted right from the start about how to make the Obama presidency fail. We know the destruction of the legislative branch and the courts from the right wing.

    But they didn't cause the White House to go after phone records of the AP.

    They didn't cause the prosecution of whistle blowers.

    They didn't escalate drone strikes.

    What will the sea change from the media lead to?

    The major sea change in media discussions of Obama and civil liberties
    The controversies over the IRS and especially the AP phone records appear to have long-lasting effects

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