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  •  I am certain steadiness is a BIG factor in (2+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, Polly Syllabic

    my fuzziness. There is just no way to hand hold a camera still, even holding my breath. I can tell how much shift in position there is by how far the view moves in the tree, compared to what the camera position does, when zoomed out. Whenever possible I try to steady it on something. Another problem with steadiness is pushing the shutter button. I can understand why serious photographers use a remote.

    The light issue - I hadn't considered that, but you're right, the smaller the field of view the less light, and automatic settings will slow down the speed to compensate. I will do some experimenting with shutter speed.

    Your point about trying all this stuff out BEFORE the Snowy Owl alights on my deck railing is spot on! As much for the familiarity with what to do so time isn't wasted thinking it all through.

    I appreciate your photography suggestions, thanks.

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