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View Diary: Hey, GOP: Stop pretending any self-described "tea party" group couldn't possibly be political (47 comments)

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  •  Indeed the tea party's not a real political party (0+ / 0-)

    ...Then again, that phrase is just a catchy placeholder for, "far right wing of the Republican Party." The movement was organized by a former GOP congressman and has close, continuing ties to the real party. And these days mostly runs that party.

    Most Republicans, the MSM and even some progressive critics of the IRS affair confuse and conflate politics with partisanship. The IRS must consider politics in its review of 501(c)4 applications; it must do so in a non-partisan way. Which makes a fellow wonder why the only 501(c)4 applicants that were rejected were (ta-dah!) progressive action groups. Meanwhile, Karl Rove's Crossroads beard spends nine-figure anonymous sums on attack ads, tax free and indeed tax-subsidized, even while touting his preferred electoral selections. And Karl looks like a duck.

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