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View Diary: Hey, GOP: Stop pretending any self-described "tea party" group couldn't possibly be political (47 comments)

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    From what I am able to gather, no "special group" was created to handle the tea party group applications. Rather, the Cincinnati IRS office was charged with handling all such applications from every kind of group. When applications soared after Citizens United into the many thousands, that pre-existing unit was overwhelmed, so some of the work was farmed out to other district offices. Arguably that decentralized the process and possibly enabled inconsistencies. Which is exactly the problem the IRS had had in recent years as it has had to deal with staffing cuts. You can't take away tools and then complain when the carpenter doesn't always make a straight cut.  

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      My reading of the IG report was that a special group was created just for the Tea-Party-type applications.  I forget what it was called now.

      I'm pretty sure that's the case, but I'm not gonna stamp my foot and say I'm sure.

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