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View Diary: Hey, GOP: Stop pretending any self-described "tea party" group couldn't possibly be political (47 comments)

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  •  Obama is the ultimate IRS Executive (0+ / 0-)

    My conclusion is backed by logic.  The only speculation is whether these tactics can be traced back directly to the White House.  Given every administration's attempt to give their senior members "plausible deniability," like Eric Holder's many "I don't know" answers in the Benghazi hearings, it is unlikely that such a tie will be proved.

    You cannot reasonably deny at this point that conservative groups were targeted by the IRS for persecution.  Read, again, about the nature and volume of the requests.

    The IRS is, of course, part of the Obama administration.

    Bush appointee in charge or not, Obama is his ultimate boss.  Does not the executive branch administer the IRS?  Of course it does.  That makes the IRS part of the Executive Branch.  Who is the head of the Executive Branch?  The President.  So, yes, the Obama administration carried out this plan.  Is Obama not responsible for the acts of his administration?

    If not, then who is?

    Who polices the separation between the White House and the IRS?  The White House?  Congress?  How is that done?  Is it done at all?

    Whether Obama, himself, knew about this or not will never be known.

    In any event, I would be shocked to find PROOF that a White House person, directly, initiated this plan.  All administrations carry out various nefarious actions with a layer or two of separation for "plausible deniability," leaving lower-level workers to take the hits, whether they involve firing or prison time.  That topic has been discussed extensively on this site during the previous administration -- especially surrounding WMD's in Iraq.

    The directive did, however, come from within the government.  That sort of onerous screening of conservative groups helped only the Obama administration -- through two election cycles.  If not the Obama administration then who, precisely, could have concocted the scheme.  No one else would benefit from it, and no other branch of government can issue directives to the IRS.

    As to Shulman's testimony and the possibility of punishing him, the IRS targeting of conservative groups did not become a hotbed issue until recently -- after a drawn-out investigation by the IG's office.  Those hearings, to say the least, got very little press.  If these actions were so innocuous, why has Obama stressed the fact that the man in charge was asked to "resign," even though he would have been gone within a few weeks, anyway.

    There is simply no good spin on this.

    •  I say again (0+ / 0-)

      While the IRS is considering a (c)4 application, the applying group can continue to carry out its activities. None of these activities were stopped. Hundreds of milions of dollars of money originating from (c)4 groups were spent in the last election cycle, most of it from conservative organizations. Hell, you don't really even need to apply for the IRS' blessing, and some groups don't. They're calculating that the agency is so up to its ears in alligators that it won't have time to find them. That, and they think they're right. Well, possession is nine-tenths of the law, as they say. If no regulatory agency is there to ascertain intent vs. practice, or is challenged itself every time it does, it'll be a free for all.

      Understand, I have no patience with the IRA's bureaucratic ways and do not suggest it's always wise or perfectly functional. But you can say that about nearly every large organization. In this case, the tax code is so byzantine, and so contrarily interpreted by the courts and the IRS itself, that screwups are almost inevitable. And yet, and yet: ALL THOSE tea party groups got their request approvals, and all got to participate in the public arena while they were waiting.

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