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View Diary: Hey, GOP: Stop pretending any self-described "tea party" group couldn't possibly be political (47 comments)

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  •  Better yet, repeal the 16th Amendment (0+ / 0-)

    Better idea:

    Trash the income tax, which is a complicated mess that even our former Treasury Secretary couldn't figure out.  I guess an apology worked for him.

    It's unpredictable.

    It's opaque.

    It's rife with the opportunity to reward friends -- and punish enemies, not just through corrupt administration (like we're seeing now), but in who it taxes, at what rate, and who it lets skate by paying no tax.  Both parties abuse the system horribly, but it's hard to see because of the ridiculous complexity.

    It punishes success because of its outrageous, steeply progressive nature.

    Can it.  Forever.  It's an abysmal, oppressive failure.


    Replace it with a national sales tax with an upper percent set in the Constitution.

    That way, the big consumers pay more taxes, the little guys pay less.  But everyone pays.  Period.

    No more need for accountants.  Ever.  They can re-train to become regular financial advisers.

    We could shrink the IRS by about 95%.  I personally would moonwalk around my house three times if that happened.  Ok, I can't moonwalk, but I'd be happy at the very thought of that.  They could re-train to do something, I'm sure.

    A national sales tax would be VERY easy to track.  It's out there for everyone to see -- and feel.  Politicians could no longer bury provisions deep in the code to skew the system to help the privileged few.

    That way, when politicians raise taxes, it affects EVERYONE.  No taking money from one group to give to another.  That has never been fair, and it promotes the very type of "Us v. Them" mentality that has crippled political discourse for decades.  No more class warfare.  When everyone feels the sting of taxes, there will be less taxation.  Politicians like to keep their jobs.

    Also, have a flat tax on businesses -- no loopholes, no exceptions.  Any business with any part of its operations in the United States gets a flat tax on REVENUES, not PROFITS.  That way, big businesses cannot just pay their executives a shitload of money to bleed the money out of the "profit" column to shield it from taxation.

    Make the tax rate low, and it's just an easily-calculated cost of doing business.  The big corporations could not wriggle out of paying taxes by sucking up to politicians, as there are no exceptions.

    Better to get 5% of Goldman-Sachs, Wal-Mart, and other revenue than near 0% of their profits.

    As for people on welfare, you can just add 5% to how much they receive to offset the tax.

    The working poor -- and the unemployed would benefit, if not in the short run, then certainly down the road a little because . . .

    A national sales tax would also be a huge boon to the economy.  I pay a large percent of my income in federal income tax.  I'd spend nearly all of that on SOMETHING, which would help the businesses I make purchases from.

    Under the present system, I pay it to the government, which wastes a huge percentage of it.  Even if the government spends it to purchase things, the purchasing power is reduced greatly to pay for administrative costs (including government inefficiency, which is substantial).

    I'm still open to suggestion as to a method for keeping huge conglomerates from perverting OTHER parts of government to their own ends -- and at the expense of small players like me.

    I have some ideas, but they are controversial -- and would be met with fierce resistance from many sides.

    •  Be that as it may (0+ / 0-)

      (and I don't think a national sales tax is a good idea), the best fix here is a lot more targeted and pertinent. Get Congress and the IRS to carefully define, once and for all, the rules pertaining to the 50-year old law that created the "social welfare" tax exemption. And reconcile the chores of the FEC and IRS relating to campaigning and tax deductions for political groups. Then, no more freeway-wide gray areas.  

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