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View Diary: Chris Hedges NPR Interview: On The Right Wing "Proto-Fascist Movement" in The U.S. (232 comments)

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  •  Your question goes to the heart of the problem (27+ / 0-)

    with the Democratic Party at the national level, including President Obama. And a lot of people here, too. Hedges discusses some of this in his book Death of the Liberal Class.

    Let me go at this by asking: do you think we are in an economic recovery? Because the hard reality is that this is a depression. In fact, the US had been in an economic depression for the past four decades, since Paul Volcker "tamed" inflation by unleashing usury and initiating a "post industrial" collapse and concentration of industrial and agricultural activity. The "boom" of the Clinton years was based on a massive liquidity bubble in the financial markets, and the trickling down of money from the MOTU of Wall Street. But everyone knows the statistics by now - or should know. A male in his 30s today is earning less and and has less economic upward mobility than his father did in the 1970s. Household incomes are about one third to one half lower than they would have been had income growth of the bottom 90% continued to grow at the rate it had grown from the end of World War 2 until the ascent of the Reagan regime.

    And here's a statistical artifact of the depression that many people do not want to know: the least advantaged of our citizens have seen a collapse in their life expectancy
    (Above graph copied from Joan McCarter January 28, 2013 diary, 'We're all living longer'? No, we're not.)

    The middle class but most especially the working class feel and endure the economic depression day in and day out. (And note how no one ever talks about the working class, which is literally being killed of, only about the "middle" class.) They know, somewhat by sense, but a large part by direct personal experience with plant shutdowns, outsourcing, and unemployment, that their economic livelihoods are under attack and being destroyed. The problem is that they do not know who is attacking them and destroying their livelihoods. The rich and the corporate fascists would have them believe that it is somebody else - anybody else - than the rich and the corporate fascists who have rigged the political system to favor their interests at the expense of the general welfare.

    The rich and the corporate fascists even have many people believing that is the very concept of the general welfare itself that is the problem. That's the whole basis of Ayn Rand, the Austrians / von Hayek gold bugs, and the most rabid de-regulators. Now, that's irony!

    We're in a depression. There are specific people and their policies that created this depression. That is the legitimate source of rage Hedges is referring to.

    Many people, such as yourself, might prefer to believe there is an economic recover underway. There isn't. And there won't be until the political power of Wall Street is overthrown, and the burdens of speculation and usury removed from the economy.

    And, more of the income and wealth begins to flow to bottom 90 percent.

    If you do not accept these as facts, I'd be interested in learning your view of our political-economic reality.

    A conservative is a scab for the oligarchy.

    by NBBooks on Thu May 16, 2013 at 04:55:47 PM PDT

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