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View Diary: Chris Hedges NPR Interview: On The Right Wing "Proto-Fascist Movement" in The U.S. (232 comments)

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    The protofascist movement in this country has been on a roll since 2001.  They are a belligerent, virulent, but very vocal minority, and they appear to be able to steamroll the other 75% of this nation fairly easily.  Not only SHOULD they be targeted by the I.R.S., they should also be closely watched by the C.I.A. and the N.S.A.  Despite their chest thumping, hollow, bellicose claims of patriotism, they are actually no different than Hitler's brown shirts of the 1930's.  Should they ever achieve governance, I, for one, will do whatever it takes, and I truly do mean whatever it takes, to destroy them, deport them, or see them jailed, from the Koch brothers on down.  When you squeeze people tightly enough, what you get is what you so, so richly deserve.

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