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View Diary: New York City fast food restaurants find a lot of ways to steal from their workers (32 comments)

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    Write down your times.
    I worked at a place with the computers as our time clocks.  Major rip off of 'on the click' work time.
    We had to log into the computers to be ready to work as the clock struck 9 (or whatever o'clock).  Some of us had very slow computers and had to start 5 to 10 minutes before we were officially 'on the clock'.
    Lunch was a nightmare.  We had to log off, and then go through a mini start-up to get back on.  A 30 minute lunch was more like a 24 minute lunch.
    I'm not mentioning the breaks, because it was the same.  A 15 minute break was usually 11 or 12 minutes.
    In any week, I gave the company over an hour of uncompensated pay, jumping through computer hoops to satisfy their pursuit of strict adherence to the 'clock'.
    I went to HR to see if we could do something about the disparity of hours paid vs. hours actually worked (logging on etc) and was told by the HR person the company had to manage us and this was the way they had chosen.  
    At some later point someone must have said something to somebody else who mattered (or the labor board for all I know), because we got actual time clocks (which I do not care for, but compared to the computer start-up nightmare it's far superior).
    This isn't ideal, but as far as getting paid for hours worked it's far fairer.

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    by Lilyvt on Sat May 18, 2013 at 08:53:16 PM PDT

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