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  •  very nice! just fell off my recumbent, haha... (0+ / 0-)

    I bought (used/recycled a 15 year old cherry one, a Lightning) it a month ago and have been spending 5-20 minutes daily since just paddling around getting used to the strange balance and feel. Could not, up to today launch and stay rolling. Today: boom, away I went. ( ' here's your new brain cells sir...yeah, thanks, just put over there, anywhere..')

    And today I found that it was suddenly no problem at all to launch and bring the other foot up in time to pedal the second stroke, without which...plop!

    I was also crippling my balance by not checking the steering head bearings which had been wrongly adjusted.  When cleaning and oiling it I noticed the quick turning 20" tire was leaping around, it had 1" of is now way more better...if I had been riding it a long time I am sure I could have coped with it sloppy, but as a newbie getting everything just right took some time...those new brain cells don't come as an optional extra, you have to grow them yourself...they say.

    So tonite I was doing launches and slow small figure eights...I actually got one full lap in, and once I relaxed that little bit, the balance was there and I could slowly do circles and figure eights. Mostly :>

    Any fool can ride fast,'s the slow stuff where you fall off so spectacularly and everybody laughs. Well, of course, you cheated and have a training wheel...

       But, as I was making a sharp turn, the heel of my big foot just caught the top of the  front tire and I couldn't get my foot loose and  down fast enough..plop! My first crash. grrr.
      I think I am going to go ahead and get some skater elbow and wrist guards, as a musician I don't want a broken wrist, even my slow well organized flopperoo tonight

    And speaking of crashes, there is a spectacular blog post of a crashed one of what you have: the guy hit a tree and a hedge at 40 mph and was basically ok...the shell was broken, but had he hit the large oak tree squarely it would have been really bad...iirc it was thought he passed out from a medical condition...downhill at over 40! and also iirc he is 70= or maybe older..and is getting a new one and back at it! Yay that guy

    These things are really fast, recumbents I mean, and yours with the shell is even moreso...this is great, I was just reading about them at the mfg site last week. I really like the little windshield and overhead cover, excellent!...for the price of a crappy used gas powered car...and fitness..I have 45 pounds to lose and my back and wrists are hurting from my std Mountain bike...keeping me subtly from riding enough...and that is getting fixed up too now.. Back in the saddle, ahh spring.

    Congratulations..keep it under 50 ok?

    I think we need a BIKE group here maybe? I can name 5 riders, I have at least one good diary, maybe two...

    (and that was me that added to the content of one of your photos attributions/data etc to make the point, elsewhere in another rant that I shouldn't be able to, and you should have, heh...sry)

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Sun May 19, 2013 at 03:07:27 AM PDT

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