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  •  Chief, tried flying a few times (3+ / 0-)
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    He was a Dalmation, a gift, runt of the litter, picked on by 12 siblings, covered in dots of gentian violet all over by his Cuban breeder from all the little scratches and dings he had, his siblings had not a drop on them.

    He was fidgety, nervous, he was pathetic. Even his dam seemed relieved to see him go, that's the look she seem to have as she sat up on her butt next to her owner on the sofa in a very people-like way, whereby, her owner says, "she knows you're taking him." His dam then got walked to the lanai and laid with the other pups, she could have have been waving good-bye in dog talk for that look she gave me, it was almost a human-like smile.

    This one time Chief went flying was because of the water meter reader guy. My beloved and I got home one day to find Chief and the meter guy in a stand-off, the goal was the gate. Chief was goalie of the gate, the meter guy needed to get through the gate.

    The meter guy held a clipboard in front of him like a shield. Chief had his eyes fixed on that clipboard and being agile and super fast he wasn't letting the man make a move in any direction, especially towards the gate.

    We came up on that scene, Chief furiously barking, the meter guy holding up a clipboard.

    The space was in a side yard about maybe 4 feet wide, behind the man was the back yard, just barely out of his reach was the gate.

    We knew the problem was the clipboard. Chief was a coward first, paranoid and neurotic too, afraid of stuffed animals and many, many things. My beloved went towards the gate and I went inside so I could come out the back porch to help out, the porch faced the stand-off.

    We told the guy that if he put the clipboard down Chief would let him out. But, you know, people in that situation are not so sure that's what they want to do.  

    Chief at that point was too obsessed with the clipboard to hear or see anything. Calling him on better days was pretty useless much less at this moment.

    I casually tossed the leash towards my beloved but a terrible thing happened. It gently floated up in the air and softly landed straight across Chief's back. There was never a more agonizing howl-scream-yelp come from Chief ever than the one he gave that day. Because Chief was deathly afraid of snakes, this was Florida, and that "snake" fell out of the sky and LANDED on his back.

    He flew straight up. Nearly as high as the meter guy's head and that close. The man ran for his life to the gate. And I fell on the porch laughing so hard I almost pee'd my pants.

    Chief landed and disappeared to somewhere in the back yard running laps in circles like a black and white blur.

    A good horse is never a bad color.

    by CcVenussPromise on Thu May 16, 2013 at 04:19:16 PM PDT

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