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  •  don't forget the tree swallows! (6+ / 0-)

    these little beauties are sure shiny!


    Pretty sure that's a Tree Swallow, and nesting in the Devereaux Reserve, in the boxes that UCSB has made signs for saying  'nest boxes for Violet-Green Swallows' like the dam UCSB enviropolice would come and shoot them or some thuggie thing...grrr. idjits.

    There was that giant ruckus of Barn Swallows a couple of weeks ago out there I was jabbering about here recently...seems they have arrived up there now!

    There were several zipping about the wharf here in old sb..and silence: They Will Come worked again.

    As I watched one fly up and sat 8' away on a bolt on the wharf timber, and preened...revealing several ! large (ugh-MAX) engorged Ticks!

    But he was still very active and fly like and angel with that beautiful long forked tail, and their friendly chatter.

    And, dam, what a week: we saw White Faced Ibis!! a new bird for us, and talk about wheels within wheels, as we watched, our good friend and environmental steward Tom,a teacher and hike leader still for school kids, at age 70+, leads bike tours too...he drove by and we waved him down, and he took pictures and had never seen them either! Win for us!
      And then a official local birdwatcher who posts on the local Audubon blog showed up so I rattled away at him too...he said someone had posted they saw a Sharp Tailled Sandpiper there that very day...then he left and we spent a hour tracking and taking pictures of what we thought must be the second rare bird: finally looking at and blowing up the pictures we could see it was a was a lurvly Sandpiper with his spiffy two collars. Big fun.

    This machine kills Fascists.

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