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  •  the texicans (3+ / 0-)

    lacked the manpower to go any distance.

    it's why they got hammered at Glorieta pass

    They had 1000 men.

    you aren't taking over much with 1000 men.

    •  That is the point - but they did ... (3+ / 0-)
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      patbahn, Azazello, RiveroftheWest

      cause a lot of problems while they were here.  Col. Baylor was  (as the locals found out) a royal pain in the neck as Confederate Governor of Arizona Territory and eventually went back to the South in disgrace, being only returned to service toward the close of the war.  He was still plotting to take the West when Lee surrendered.  Baylor University is named after his uncle, but we have Baylor Canyon and Baylor Pass.

      Yep, they just did not send enough men to hold Arizona and New Mexico.  The only reason they got as far as they did was because the Union forces were so disorganized (to Lincoln this was a familiar story early in the war.)

    •  Well, you may not be taking much (3+ / 0-)
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      patbahn, Azazello, RiveroftheWest

      with only 1000 men, but when your enemy has only a few hundreds scattered here and there, you have a chance. ;-)

      But, yeah, the Texans could have devoted a lot more to the western front and, if nothing else, tied up Union forces in an ongoing fruitless "whack-a-mole" operation. They would have arguably been more useful to the overall war effort doing that than they were. Being able to make the California garrisons sweat would have displayed an ability to project force across a vast distance.

      But overall, yeah, even under those conditions the Texans would have been little more than a nuisance force; the vast territory and low supply would have been too much to take & hold. The Texan western forces would have been the Afrika Korps of the Confederacy.

      And they wouldn't even have had the Italians to help out! ;-)

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    •  Interesting (1+ / 0-)
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      I've never read much about this theater of the war.

      What were the Comanche doing right around then?

      I can't imagine they took kindly to 1000 Texans wandering through their territory.

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