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    Karl Rover

    While I commend you on a well written diary I must also disagree with your premise. Given the disadvantages in manpower to the Confederates it’s difficult to see how any possible result in that battle could have significantly changed the outcome of the campaign. Champions Hill was a part of an ongoing fighting retreat for the southern forces. It was already clear at that point that the ultimate result would be a siege of Vicksburg. A different battle that day might have pushed back or sped up the start of that siege, but the south didn't have the manpower to effect a major victory at Champions Hill or follow that up with sufficient force to stop the overall Federal advance.

    While every battle is important, Gettysburg was fundamentally different and is rightly seen as pivotal to the entire course of the war. By many measures Lee had an advantage on July 2. If that could have been exploited a complete rout of Meade’s army was not out of the question and that would have left Washington in a precarious situation. While your hypothetical separate Midwest peace was remotely possible given a complete failure of the Vicksburg campaign, it does not seem nearly as likely or catastrophic to the overall northern war effort as the loss of the federal capital would have been.

    •  Look to the American Revolution in 1777 for the (3+ / 0-)
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      IreGyre, citylights, RiveroftheWest

      Alternative scenario.  The British succeeded in taking Philadelphia but Burgoyne's bold bid to take the Hudson river failed and he was trapped in upstate New York and forced to surrender his entire Army.  

      Substitute Washington DC for Philadelphia, Grant for Burgoyne, the Mississippi river for the Hudson river, North Mississippi for Upstate New York and you have an alternate scenario for how May - July 1863 could have played out.  To whit, controlling the principle river of commerce was decisive in a way that controlling a seat of government was not.

      You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

      by Sam I Am on Fri May 17, 2013 at 10:49:54 AM PDT

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