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  •  Most science news these days is depressing. (4+ / 0-)
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    That's particularly the case with climate change.  It's pretty abundantly clear that humanity is going to do precisely nothing about it, as a species, until it's effects become too drastic to ignore - or it puts us on the brink of extinction.

    I don't quite agree with all the doomers around it saying that we're automatically going to be rendered extinct by it, that Earth will turn into Venus, etc.  But things are going to get mighty uncomfortable, and mass dieoffs of humanity are very much in the realm of possibility.

    And as if that isn't enough, the sequester, like all forms of addle-brained austerity, continues its own scything through the Western world, including, most personally, my attempts to start a science career and start building a life for myself.

    I hope, though perhaps it is too much to hope, that there's a new renaissance in science interest after this Depression is over.  It may be OUR only hope as a culture.

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