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  •  they mean consensus between scientists & deniers (4+ / 0-)
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    Such a thing is impossible by definition, but that's not stopping them.

    At best they mean consensus between scientists and environmentalists and John Q. Conservative who isn't an egghead or a freak and who supports action for reasons that God-fearin' Real Murkins actually care about.  Not just someone who can speak their language, but who can appeal to their convictions, who can put fighting climate change into a "good" frame like protecting yourself and yours, not giving money to Muslims/foreigners, and above all not destroying the fabric of your lives and society.

    BLUE COLLAR GUY: "Folks talk about a culture war, but culture doesn't come from nowhere.  [Begin montage of salt of the earth hard at work on fruited plains, hunters and fishermen in wilderness, children playing in leafy suburbs, etc.] It comes from the land you live on: from what it gives you and what it asks of you.  [begin montage of Yellowstone wildfires, fields of dead crops, ghost town in desert, etc.] If we change our land, then how can we expect our culture survive without the thing that created it and sustains it?  [begin montage of smokestacks, polluted rivers, landfills, etc.] God's never stopped us from hurtin' ourselves before; why should he start now?"

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