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  •  It's entirely subjective. (1+ / 0-)
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    And within that subjectivity it's one's place, time, and emotion.

    If you frame the question, "who's the best live band" or "what was your favorite remembrance of a live performance," I'll give you entirely different answers.

    Regarding the latter, funny story. My first concert was in '73, freshman in high school. Such a numskull was I that I didn't even understand who I was going to see.

    Some older friends had tickets to a show the next town over. I was all in. I thought it was Procol Harum with Robin Trowler we were going to see. I had albums of this band.

    Turns out in my adolescently buzzed mind, I misunderstood.

    It was Poco. I'd never heard of them and was not a fan of the country rock genre. But when they came on stage and played this it blew me away... I was laughing my ass of on the inside because of my stupidity. Hardly my favorite of all time, but my favorite. The beginning of an era.

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