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  •  "I agree with you. Now make me do it" (3+ / 0-)
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    Well, some are trying--

    Thousands protest oil refinery plans in China
    Residents take to streets in city of Kunming to demand government make new project's environmental evaluations public.

    About 2,500 people have taken to the streets to protest against plans for a new oil refinery on the outskirts of the southern Chinese city of Kunming.

    Government officials said earlier in the week that the project, being built by the powerful state company PetroChina, would meet environmental standards and was crucial to the local economy.

    However, local people remain worried that the refinery, which is expected to produce up to 10 million tonnes of refined oil annually, will pollute the air and water.

    Demonstrators also want the government to make the project's environmental evaluations public.

    Protests, lawsuits and discussion in China's active social media about environmental concerns have become more frequent in recent years.

    In particular, fuel processing and refining have been the cause of huge demonstrations by the middle class in affluent cities such as Dalian, Ningbo or Chengdu, in some cases prompting officials to scrap or delay the plans.........

    ......Myanmar-China pipeline

    Authorities have been trying to build up an oil supply chain to Yunnan as the province currently imports all its oil from other areas of the country.

    A key part of the plan is the Myanmar-China pipeline, which after eight years of planning and construction is due to start pumping oil and gas at the end of the month.

    China has invested heavily in the project to access resources from the neighbouring country and establishing a new, shorter route for oil and gas procurement, as an alternative to the Malacca strait.

    Opposition to the pipeline has been strong on both sides of the border and recently officials from Myanmar said there would be delays to the start of the operation...

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      julesrules39, prishannah

      Despite some destructive policies, there seems to be a strong minority of Chinese & Chinese leadership that keep environmental concerns in mind. The tree-planting anti-desertification campaign in the north & China's aggressive solar technology policies come to mind.

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