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  •  Obama strengthened Social Security this year (1+ / 0-)
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    by letting the SS payroll tax go back up. That's his only major action on SS. He hasn't cut it. One bad budget proposal doesn't negate the rest of his record.
    I don't know who asked you to help cut SS. My point is that OFA could be used to pressure Obama, but most of the left is too cynical to even try that strategy. The responses I'm getting prove my point.

    •  Strengthened what he'd previously weakened? (3+ / 0-)
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      3goldens, enhydra lutris, Zinman

      You sound like the people here who've told me it's OK for Democrats to cut Social Security benefits now because Democrats will repeal the cuts they make later.  Reminds me of Wimpy on Pop-eye who was always going to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

      There is no way OFA is going to be used to pressure Obama.  As others here have said, it's purpose was to reelect Obama and collect money.   Where that money is going to go now is what I'd like to know.  Somehow, I don't think it's going to be used to "strengthen" programs for the needy.  

      I'm old and I've got old-fashioned view of politics.   I deliver for you and you deliver for me.  If you break that bargain, I'm looking for someone else, not doubling down on a bad bet.

      •  When was it weakened? (0+ / 0-)

        Benefits were not cut and the system wasn't in danger of being underfunded. It's not as though SS tax revenues are being saved for payouts in future years.

        Imagine one day the top OFA people are getting reports from the latest series of local meetings. Their reports show that no one was responding to the latest half-assed proposal. Groups that met refused to donate and take action on what they were handed. They responded with a call for a more progressive proposal and started organizing around something better. OFA leaders realize they have to respond or they get to accomplish none of their goals. Of course, word will get back to the White House and the officials who grew out of touch with the grass-roots. The White House realizes they have to start with a better proposal if they have any hopes of rallying the base to pressure Congress and raise money.

        That's people power. That's pressure. That's also something that will never happen because the left is too cynical to try. Everyone is too smart for that, right?

        •  It was weakened when he cut the payroll tax (2+ / 0-)
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          3goldens, Zinman

          You are giving him credit for simply restoring the payroll tax to where it was before he cut it.

          OFA is a tool to manipulate you into supporting the villagers.  It's purpose is to manipulate the grass roots not to be a grass roots organization.  

          But I do agree that the left has been too cynical to try.  The effort has to come from outside the power structure not from within it.  OWS was correct about that though their tactics were naïve and their strategy was not suited to building a sustainable political movement.  

          •  Yes, I'm giving Obama credit (0+ / 0-)

            for doing something when he could have done the exact opposite thing instead. That's only rational. Personally, I think it was wrong to raise the most regressive federal tax, but that's how it is. The reality is that, after all the scare tactics and fear-mongering, Obama hasn't yet cut SS one cent. He has only punished the working poor with a payroll tax increase without getting any credit for strengthening the system.
            Oh, and he gave out extra benefits to SS recipients as a one-time payment included in the stimulus bill. How DLC of him! He obviously hates retirees and aches to see them suffer in poverty! lol

            Why you think OFA was created is irrelevant to how it could be used and manipulated by a coordinated grassroots effort. But, once again, we'll never see that happen since too much of the left have neutralized themselves with cynicism.

            I'd say the Occupy tactics were far more effective than the large number of lefties who essentially sat back and waited for Obama to deliver change to them, or who waited to be "proven right" about the cynical opinion they had of Obama all along. That crowd have been about as useful as tits on a bull.

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