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View Diary: Is OFA Serious about Climate Change or Not? (105 comments)

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  •  More Hot Air From Obama and OFA! (1+ / 0-)
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    First from burning fossil fuels and then from their phony promotion of "all of the above" to solve our climate crisis.  

    I am much more pessimistic about Obama's real stance on Keystone.  If he was opposed to it or leaning in that direction, he would not muzzle OFA.  Telling OFA not to engage on Keystone can only mean that he intends to approve it and does not want OFA to muck it up by opposing.  

    James Hansen has said that if the tar sands oil from Canada gets burned in totality, it is "game over" for the climate.  Building Keystone is about as good a guarantee to burning it all as there is and stopping Keystone could well prevent it from being taken out of the ground.   If one is serious about moving humanity from climate disaster, working with OFA is the wrong thing to do.

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