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View Diary: The most vulnerable House members in 2014, in two charts (150 comments)

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    Because voting to return to a system where tens of millions are uninsured by reversing an EXISTING law somehow translates to votes at the ballot box?  Ummm... ya.  Good luck with that strategy.

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      BoswellSupporter, MichaelNY

      You have a vote that will not impact public policy. The Senate will not vote on any kind of ACA repeal. Even if it did, the President will not sign it. No matter what you do, the ACA will go into effect.

      In no meaningful way does this vote return to any kind of system where any number of people are uninsured. This is about positioning yourself relative to the President and the national party.

      How do you vote? You vote the way that keeps you in office. In a district that voted 67% for Mitt Romney that means backing away slowly.

      IL-10 to IL-07 by way of -09, -17 and -18.

      by GaleForceBurg on Sun May 19, 2013 at 09:09:13 PM PDT

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