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View Diary: Charlie Cook Advises GOP how to Leak "Scandals" to bring Obama poll #s down (43 comments)

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  •  Why take umbrage at a numbers guy proposing... (0+ / 0-)

    ...that the numbers indicate the Republican strategy needs tweaking? Cook is a political analyst focused on trends and polls and he bills himself as an independent and writes for an opinion journal.  Obama and Dems get plenty of strategic or operational advice from political analysts writing in the media.

    I do agree with the point you raise about the difficulty running a government (i.e., the country's gov't) amidst such political opposition and manufactured obstructions. The challenge is to get at wherever the governing is apart from the politics, especially when they're simultaneous. Cook is writing for the politicians with his narrow focus but the nub of the outrage for the public is that we never get out of the narrows. Where & when does the nation ever get governing is a high speed poll oriented oppositional politics at the steering wheel 24x7x365?

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