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View Diary: How To Tell If Something Is Hitler: A Field Guide for Pundits (25 comments)

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  •  The Hitler motif has been around for a while. (0+ / 0-)

    The re-written of Hitler as a socialst/liberal has been going on for awhile now.  The most recent is Jonah Goldberg's grede school piece equating modern liberals with Hitler/Nazism (Hitler was a vegetarian, and vegatarism is liberal, therefore, liberals are Hitlers.)

    The first I heard the "liberals are Hitlers, at my ex-inlaws Pentecostal born-again church way back when.  Seemed rather bizarre at the time.  But there is "research" that points our comparisons between the Nazis and liberals/socialism that proves Hitler is the source of modern liberalism.  

    Right wing Christians in particular have become obsessed with "de-Christianizing the Nazis", arguing they were in fact godless socialists because in particular, their religious beliefs stem from Nietzsche.  This theme was used in debates Hitchens would have over his book on the evils of religion.  (Hitchens would point out the Holocaust was the direct result of a 1,000 years of Europen Christian anti-Semitism.)

    Nazis give Christians a bad name, so they must be rewritten as godless liberal/socialists.  The theme has become an easy, ready to use, rheotical billclub to use on any issue--it is now more a dog whistle to the faithful.  It is in a sense for them, not just a convienent, nor a spur of the moment argument, but a proven assertion that Nazism is a liberal idealogy, and all you of dailyos miscreants are part of the movement.

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