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View Diary: Joe Scarborough Personal Scandal: Wrote Letters to Bush to Get the NAACP Audited (134 comments)

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  •  Wonder what proportion of applications they were (0+ / 0-)

    during that same time. They say there was an onslaught of applications during that time that IRS was trying to handle.

    It's not that liberals weren't active but that activism wasn't newly born like the tea party who had all the new groups sprouting all over....
    and to the degree they were connected to the initial groups they sure knew the money tricks, would know to apply.
    I'd like to know how disproportionate it was or wasn't.

    Right away even msnbc was calling this "chilling". I was not chilled, I was curious. Thought it might be bad, might be more reasonable then it sounds.
    It's not just joe or republicans that are talking in extreme terms. "silencing" the opposition, targeting them.
    (and I wish they were screaming about say NYC targeting black males in their searches)

    I am sick of all of it. We have no reasonable debates, investigations, anything any more.

    I would hope things if it didn't feel futile to hope. I'd hope the IRS thing leads to looking at these groups and the law and campaign finance more closely.
    Hell karl rove is a social welfare group?
    The tea party applications were?
    but the liberal group that got turned down was not?

    I would hope the Benghazi thing would lead to increased funding to state as needed... though the lack of security was more complex than that due to CIA there.

    I would hope press thing does get republicans to make new laws that protect the press now that it is like attacking Obama.
    The bitch of it is that it seems what was done to press was legal as wrong as it was. Change the law.

    Hearings are such a farce, debates are empty shows.
    pundits and politicians bloviate
    they aim to titillate, not illuminate

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