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    I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1969 to teach at Jacksonville Univ. I supervised student teachers, among other things, and spent a lot of time in classrooms. The court ordered the Duval Co. schools (a huge district) to de-segregate. (Not integrate, the schools were segregated, with some black kids bussed across the county past other schools to an all black H.S.)

    The school board reluctantly agreed to comply and agreed to a plan. In '70-71, faculties were integrated. They had not been. Black teachers taught in black schools; white teachers in white schools. In '71-72 the schools were integrated with what opponents called "forced bussing." There were protests and a number of consequences.

    The district closed seven of the worst all black elementary schools. They were really terrible facilities. I remember one that was next door to a chicken processing factory with a nauseating stench. The assumption was that no white parents would send their kids to those schools.

    Another consequence was the proliferation of dubious quality private schools that sprang up in church basements. We called them "segregation academies."

    This all happened 18 years after Brown.

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