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View Diary: What's Happenin'? 5.19.13 (112 comments)

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  •  morning (13+ / 0-)

    thanks for the great links

    so many bad things going down these days

    including the environment

    posted a comment asking meteor blades if he thought that the climate collapse was accelerating. He didn't respond. He was a LA times reporter with a weekly column on the environment for a decade. It seems to me that the collapse is accelerating.

    the diaries this week by fish out of water were excellent

    hard to be in denial if there is a 100 year drought in NM and AZ

    i well recall David Brock's book "Blinded by the Right." And Josh Marshall were on my list to follow.

    what happened? Have they tended to the right, or has the whole empire collapse left them trying to hold onto the "Hope and Change" (trademark, sorry if I got it wrong. OFA please don't come after me for a mistake in an advertising slogan). They are now so quaint.

    The attack on the press by Obama continues. continues excellent coverage. Just this week to recap Chris Hedges pointed out that the oligarchs know that the collapse is on the horizon and have strengthened the security state. The former atty of NY Times during Pentagon papers on Obama tending to be worse than Nixon. And David Cay Johnston on the IRS, taxes and how the White House has stiffed the press from the first days of the Obama presidency. Now that the press has been treated like they were Muslims, or terrorists, they have realized some of the bad things from Obama. Now that intimidation includes life in prison, harder to get information about our (that is a quaint thing to say, our government, it is the government for the oligarchy) and the press is finally noticing.


    and then there is the endless war without congress approval

    will the press notice the further attack on the constitution?

    will the American people notice, or are they dumb as sticks to quote the social historian Morris Berman who blames the culture for our problems. Not just the politicians, but the entire culture. He has a trilogy about the collapse of the empire.

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