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View Diary: Senate filibuster showdown brewing (160 comments)

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    One of my geezer fantasies is go go to Vegas... and play Harry in some one on one Texas Hold'em...

      after a couple of hours of winning.. old Harry asks..
    "How did you know i was bluffing?" My response pretty simple..."Every time you raise is a bluff...
     Republicans know that...heck even our Democratic Party President knows it...!"

    Tap yer fuckin toes

    (note: in 40 years together the better woman wife part of me.. our travel there for this was an example of out of every cluster fuck experience grace and knowledge can abide..if given the opportunity to DANCE!)

    oh...Sen. S. Brown from OH replace to gezzer even for us Harry the S.

    ashes..ashes..we all fall down..

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