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  •  The "Mexicans are not Cubans" line cracked me up! (5+ / 0-)

    But the republicans/conservatives so don't get that.

    I'm in Arizona, so most of the older whites had the experience of the huge majority of their friends voting for Romney, and yet he lost.  So the feeling that some "others" stole the election is rife here at ground zero in the immigration wars.  And now they are furious about their leaders saying they need to make alliances with the "others" to ever win an election again.  The Rubio flirtation and the Allen West experiment are ways for them to feel they are appealing to "the other" while not changing a damn thing about themselves.  But they are kidding themselves.

    At work, a few days after Obama's re-election, a Romney voter declared "We wudda won if Rubio was up for VP."  A Mexican coworker had to inform her that Rubio was Cuban, and thus his family has/had privileged immigrant status as refugees from communism, while it is a huge struggle for most others who immigrate.  So just because Rubio has a Hispanic name, doesn't mean most Mexican-Americans will identify with him.  She also threw in that Mexican-Americans vote based on issues and not names, so if the issues aren't right, the name doesn't matter.

    Now, all I hear about is Ted Cruz, the new minority face of the republicans.  Barely anyone here knows that Cruz's father is Cuban.  Even less people know that he was born in Canada and claims birthright citizenship through his American mother when he whispers about running for president.  I hope he runs for president so I can ask all of the righties, "So if (as you maintain) Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, but was born in Kenya to a Kenyan father and American mother, using the "Cruz standard" Obama is still legitimately president, right?"

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