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View Diary: The AP Phone Records, the Press, and the Devil's Bargain (45 comments)

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  •  Once the story broke, AQ would likely know (0+ / 0-)

    I'm not sure I buy that Brennan's statement to TV commentators that Western security services had "inside control" was the crucial disclosure.
    The A.P. story related an important fact: that the FBI had the explosive device.
    Once that was reported, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula would probably conclude that they had been penetrated -- especially after putting that together with the fact of the drone strike assasination of their operations chief a few days before.
    The real target was the bomb-maker -- that's who the U.S. and British security services were really trying to locate through the efforts of their double-agent.  Once the story broke, that hope vanished.

    I don't see this story of the subpoena for certain phone records as at all so one-sided or outrageous.  The federal prosecutor is trying to get to the bottom of a very serious leak of sensitive national security information.  The investigation has gone on for months and involved some 500 interviews, among other efforts. Now the prosecutor has obtained records of phone numbers that called certain A.P. phones, or were called by those phones, on certain dates.  I know the A.P. doesn't like it, and the press sees it as an assault on the First Amendment, but in fact it is apparently legal under well-established precedent (there was a Supreme Court case on it in 1979).  Whether the subpoena was overbroad, and whether they could have notified the A.P. before getting the information, rather than afterwards, I don't know because none of us knows much about the facts of the investigation and the case.
    And, of course, I don't want the POTUS directly involved in ongoing criminal investigations.

    I'd hold fire on this being an outrageous attack on the First Amendment by a secrecy-loving President.

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