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  •  I remember Kissell quite well and Massa, too. (3+ / 0-)
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    N in Seattle, CroneWit, Creosote

    They are both excellent examples of pols who would have cheated any filter system.  Kissell spent a lot of time here knowing full well how liberal this site was at that time - it is less liberal now, I think - and he pandered beyond one's wildest dreams to this audience.  He was a scammer.  As for Massa - not sure what aside from a mental health evaluation that most pols wouldn't pass because it takes a certain kind of nut to run for office anyway - not sure he could have been vetted better.  Also, both were unknowns.

    I think of people like Senator Tester more when I ask my question because he was a known quantity to a degree and he received pretty enthusiastic and serious support from this site and the site's founder.

    Anyway, pols are pols and there is always a leap of faith required to even think about backing anyone who would enter the national political arena, but we all do learn along the way to see signs early, I hope.  I remember knowing certain things about Bill Clinton before he was even a real contender in the race that bothered me, but that I assumed wouldn't be too big in the grand scheme of things - but they turned out to be really big and provoked much disappointment and reflection on my part.  The lessons of Bill Clinton are why I never got emotionally invested in Obama.

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