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View Diary: Republican efforts to skewer Obama and Holder over IRS and AP are blunted (118 comments)

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    johnny wurster

    "While IRS bureaucrats did use inappropriate criteria when choosing to go after "tea party" groups seeking tax exempt status, Republican outrage over the revelations was marked with the usual hypocrisy. It wasn't as if this was the first time the IRS had used its powers politically, having previously focused on the NAACP, just to note one example. And liberal groups received the same IRS letter asking questions as conservative groups received. Three of them had their applications denied."

    1- the NCAAP did run an ad during the election against bush. That prompted the inquiry.

    2- The letters to 3 liberal groups were not prompted by a prejudicial search of words aimed at the 300 conservative groups.

    This was an an atrocious abrogation of professional protocol.But as you say the President got in front and did the right thing(s).

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