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    When you get cut off in traffic and have that momentary desire to push the offender off the road for their action, that's the Id.

    The Id doesn't "identify with people". It is emotion, it 'feels'. It doesn't think, it reacts.

    So if you've had thoughts of anger at someone else on the road, then you've felt your Id and by your reasoning you should get thine ass to a shrinks couch.

    Or, you can accept that those thoughts are also a part of you, that it's okay to feel angry as long as you don't act in anger. You can go ahead and accept that humans have evolved from more primal animals and still haven't lost all of those primal urges - and in so doing accept that by being human you also have those primal urges, and that is okay as long as you don't act upon them.

    Or you can deny your fleshly creature heritage and act like you are some ethereal pure soul merely clothed in a husk of a body and are free to choose any action without base compulsions. And if you go that route you sound just like all those republicans who claim that gayness is a choice, that being gay is not a part of the fiber of their being. If you deny your fleshly creature heritage then you sound just like those republicans who deny their own gay urges until they are discovered carrying luggave for a 'rentboy'.

    So go ahead and act like you are free of those base urges. I don't buy your act for even one instant.

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