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View Diary: Peggy Noonan takes a turn in the conspiracy theory funhouse (108 comments)

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  •  The way I look at it is this: (4+ / 0-)
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    sfbob, Tonedevil, Minnesota Deb, indie17

    timing and the alphabet are to blame. If they all didn't apply at the same time and have roughly the same names, then it wouldn't be an issue. What are IRS agents supposed to do, use a bingo basket?

    And all this bluster about the IRA being a "trusted organization" blah blah blah.......bullshit. They are the enforcement arm of police power enabled by the Constitution....I mean really, aren't they supposed to educate people on the Constitution? They aren't? So WTF ARE they doing?

    Nobody trusts the IRS or feels good about the institution, it is what it is.

    •  If the IRS had hassled liberal applicants ... (0+ / 0-)

      at the same ratio as they did conservative ones, there'd be no issue.  But they only gave grief to a couple of liberal applicants while scrutinizing literally hundreds of conservative ones, giving critics ammunition to come after them with.

      "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe." -- Albert Einstein

      by Neuroptimalian on Fri May 17, 2013 at 02:36:20 PM PDT

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      •  The ratio of conservative to liberal groups (7+ / 0-)

        was about 9:1.

        Furthermore, the inspector general's report concluded that 82% of Tea Party-Patriot-9/12 groups warranted additional scrutiny based on their applications, compared to about 62% of other groups that were subjected to additional scrutiny.

        "Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation..."--David St. Hubbins

        by Old Left Good Left on Fri May 17, 2013 at 03:00:52 PM PDT

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      •  Uh (2+ / 0-)
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        indie17, aitchdee

        if you receive 100 applications and 90 of them are Tea Party, that means if you audit 10% of them, you are auditing 9 TP applications and only 1 liberal app.

        But you are auditing them at the same rate.

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        by delphine on Fri May 17, 2013 at 05:37:14 PM PDT

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