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View Diary: Ad Executive Admits Rush Limbaugh Is Killing His Business (41 comments)

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    If they are poor its because somebody else (black people, immigrants, hippies) did that to them, if YOU are poor its because you deserve it  (black person, immigrant, hippie). If they are rich/comfortable its because they deserve it. But, if YOU are rich/comfortable its because you are having sex with the Devil. A perfect bubble universe of self congratulation and victim-hood; Yin and Yin, no Yang at all, YUM!

    It's a given in psychology that folks like RL (and by extension, folks who like him) who expend so much energy reconfirming their prejudices, self aggrandizement, sense of entitlement and petulance, are exhibiting classic manic/narcissistic behavior. They MUST do this, as it was once explained to me by a qualified professional, otherwise their ego collapses to its natural state; a point-like object composed of self loathing and deep, dark depression.

    From the Buddhist point of view, and perhaps that of Sun Tzu and Machiavelli as well, it could be that a public flood of compassion, expressing love and support for their profound illness could reorient him/them.

    "Oh Rush, it is so sad for you, those few times when you REALLY see that horrifying dark pinprick that is your true self image. We are here to support and love you when your grand balloon deflates catastrophically."

    Or not.

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