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    It wasn't because of a spike in applications.

    I wish everyone would stop trying to defend this. We are supposed to be reality based, not ideologically blind.

    •  That part I understand. (0+ / 0-)

      But that doesn't exactly tell us everything we would need to know here.  One thing that has to be taken into account is the huge increase seen in campaign spending by 501c4 groups.  It's possible, and I would say very likely judging from the spending, that the type of groups filing for the status dramatically changed and that triggered the bungled job by the IRS.  

      The spending actually increased quite a bit in 2008 but the explanation may have been another SC case, noted here:

      Other notable groups filed their applications and received approval in the wake of the Wisconsin Right to Life Supreme Court decision in 2007 that first loosened the rules governing nonprofit political activity. American Future Fund, America's Families First, TC4 Trust and the Center to Protect Patient Rights fall into this category.
      In short, one case began the behavior and the second, more notable one, opened the floodgates for masked political groups filing.  Not saying I'm correct since more info is needed but it seems like it could be the case considering the timeline on everything.
      •  Any other spin you would (0+ / 0-)

        like to throw up and see if it sticks?

        There is no proof to your assumption, the IRS, the President, the IG all agree it was wrong and yet... you just make stuff up to absolve them.

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