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  •  It seems so. I know the main reason I came (6+ / 0-)

    here in 2004 was because Bush&Co. were really starting to scare me. I had never concerned myself much with politics before then. But things were getting seriously out of hand at the Presidential level, and somebody had to do something quick. It was pretty damn easy to agree on that, at least.

    Now that Obama's in office, the situation is at least marginally less dire. Or it seems to be so. But the dynamics that put Bush in power, all those shadowy forces and players, remain highly influential -- and for whatever reasons, Obama doesn't seem strong enough, or perhaps willing enough to confront them.

    Different people will have differing perspectives on it, and there's nothing wrong with intelligent debate, no matter how passionate. The sense of unity on DKos probably has diminished though.... the singleness of purpose born of an easily identified enemy.

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