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  •  Having a Democrat in the White House (3+ / 0-)
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    has been an impediment to honest debate on numerous issues.  

    But I actually think that it is more than that.  

    Beating up on Bush wasn't really what anyone wanted - not anyone around here who was really serious anyway.  There was a lot of consensus on policy - and when there wasn't - there were raucous and rancorous debates.  

    The last time immigration came up, for instance, there was a real divide about that debate.  At that time, there were still hold outs in the party who really believed that immigrants were a threat to labor.  That seems to have changed over the years since the issue last came up which is good.  Those debates were heated and intense but the style of debate was fuller and more substantive - I think that's why a lot of people came out of those debates having changed their minds on both sides.  A lot of those who opposed the bill started to see why maybe they should not and others who supported it were more sensitive to real and fair concerns that labor had about jobs.  That was productive especially when one is looking at such a huge and important issue that was going to touch the lives of so many people in the country.

    Anyway, while Bush was iconic and continually delivered extremely unpopular policies, it wasn't about him - it was about the policies for most people.

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