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    First of all, I would disagree with your claim that there is more hope for the Democratic party today than in 2004.  The past five years have eradicated any hope that life will get better for most Americans.  The people overwhelming elected Democrats to change course.  That they have continued the inequitable economic policies of the republicans and refused to bring any of the wrongdoers to justice has left many people hopeless.  This has been my experience and it has been supported by a number of polls.  So, feel free to offer an opinion of the current state of "hope," but please refrain from stating it as a quantifiable fact.  That is solopsistic.  And one of the tendencies around here that cheapens the discourse.

    I raised the question to you upthread about your position, but I see that you don't like to hear complaints about this administration and are using unfounded and inflammatory rhetoric to disguise your disdain for complaints (childish?).  Bringing out the duty old trope that people who complain must expect "things to turn on a dime" is the kind of argumentation the diarist is, I believe, arguing against.

    In order to "build something" collectively through this venue, we would need a consensus on what to build.  That is the hang-up.  There are essentially two schools in these parts- those who rail against the current admin's regressive policies and those who defend the party regardless of its policies.  It is impossible to find common ground (except on rare occasions) because these groups have two distinct goals.  If a policy position makes the admin look bad, one group tries to diminish the policy concern (see, eg, the demonization of FDR and the New Deal).  The policy group is unwilling to subordinate policy to party loyalty.  

    As for pointing out problems being depressing, on this we can agree.  These are depressing times, as we watch the social safety net being torn into shreds, as certain players in our society are above the law (too big to fail or to prosecute), as Democrats turn their knife to SS while equivocating to the public (chained CPI is not a cut- Pelosi et al.).  However, I believe progress requires that we acknowledge and confront these depressing problems as a first step.  Fostering awareness of the problems is an important step.  Ignoring them to focus on some issue/action that can bring immediate gratification is a selfish approach IMO.

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