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    I "disagree" with people per se.  It is just that I happen to know some people who fell in love with Obama - he inspired political participation in some of my friends who had for years been either cynical or adamantly hands off in politics. I happened to think that was really great - I was happy to see that.  The thing was that many of those friends were basically new to politics and really had not watched closely enough over the years to have experienced having a politician disappoint them - nor did they understand the limits of political realities.  Now a contingent of that group is upset and angry with Obama - they feel betrayed.  It is bizarre that you don't recognize the fine line between love and hate, imo.  

    I remember seeing the admiration, inspiration and expectations soar to such heights for some people that I know that I knew that they could only end up disappointed on some level - and what I most feared was that their awesome inspiration would not end up reverting to their previous cynicism or withdraw from the political process again.  A couple had such long lists of expectations that I was pretty sure they were going to feel acute disappointment.  Now this group in my life basically falls into two categories - one that is increasingly angry and cynical about the Republicans (even on some things that were Obama's ideas) and another that is increasingly angry and cynical about the whole process.  Both camps are intense.  Some, though, have become more sophisticated consumers.  

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