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    To anyone who makes some remark about your, "Paid three months off," or something similarly ridiculous....

    Teaching is such a great job. Besides the time off, you have the privilege of working with children and affecting their future, every day. You know-you can get your degree and credentials in about 18 months if you already have your BA. Do you want me to recommend some programs for you?

    Works like magic.

    I recently returned to the classroom part time, and honestly, it's gotten so much more demanding in the 8 years I was home. Phew!

    The other thing I'd point out is that many of us who teach quite intentionally chose a relatively family friendly career. While I will spend most of August attending classes and planning lessons, I Will enjoy most of July being free to play with my children. My sister, the lawyer, makes-oh, 10 or 15 times what I make, but she works nearly 'round the clock. She's a great mom with great kids-it's just all about choices, and I don't apologize for mine! I guess working with junior high school kids will make you feisty!

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