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View Diary: Koch Brothers Storing Oil Sands Waste on Bank of Detroit River (64 comments)

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    back up your claims.

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      That NYTimes piece itself does not contain any admissions by anybody that the pet coke pile in Detroit is headed for Mexico or China.   Most petcoke produced for fuel sale in the U.S. is used in cement plants -- it is a very widespread practice in the portland cement industry that has been going on for decades.

      Making a claim that all of a sudden that all of the cement industry petcoke use will somehow stop because the Koch Brothers will be shipping the pet coke to Mexico or China
      is some sort of irrelevant and unlikely conjecture.

      The most likely destination for the Detroit coke pile will likely be cement plants operating on the shores of the Great Lakes in Michigan, Ontario and elsewhere on the Great Lakes.   There is just a single pet coke burning power plant in the region, and that unit altready gets petcoke from refineries in the Toledo-Oregon, OH  area.

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