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View Diary: Koch Brothers Storing Oil Sands Waste on Bank of Detroit River (64 comments)

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  •  Clearly you havent seen a *big* coal pile. (0+ / 0-)

    Let's give you a couple random ones.


    This is nothing.  This freaking out is hyperbole.  Focus on the real issues.  A tiny pile of coke (and yeah, this is a tiny pile) is practically insignficant to the real problems.  It's practically meaningless in terms of environmental impact.  Want to see something that matters concerning environmental impact?

    That's a map of Wyoming coal.  Half the state has coal under it, ranging from a dozen or so meters thick to hundreds of meters thick.  Some is cheaper than others to get at, but all of it is exploitable at some price.   Try to fathom that large of a quantity of coal.

    Left to their own devices - no cost to using the atmosphere as a dumping ground - people will burn every last bit of it.  And that's just the coal under one state.

    THAT is a real issue.  This little pile in Detroit is nothing.

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