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    the White House is that they knew what was in the article.  These national security stories don't go to print without notification to the government.  The AP told them what they were going to print and the Administration asked them to hold the story for a week - AP complied.

    If there was anything that the AP had in the story that really posed a significant threat to security, they would have been asked to omit it and they would have complied.  News organizations are much more responsive to government requests on this front than most people realize.  And the Administration doesn't make the claim that the AP put out damaging information - they claim that the AP had damaging information which is different.  The Administration says that they are looking for the AP's source who would have given the AP the information that the Administration did not want revealed - not that the AP revealed information that was dangerous to reveal.  That's a big reason why diaries like this claiming that AP was acting irresponsibly do not hold water.

    The important aspect of the story is not that AP or any other news agency reported the Administration's successful mission to stop a terrorist - the important aspect of this story that wants for examination is why the Administration would cast such a wide net to find the source.

    Maybe ultimately after all of the facts come out people will say, "Good job, Obama.  Good decision."  But maybe not.  We simply don't know enough yet to make that call.

    If I had to guess about why the AP decided to tell the world and all of their sources that the DOJ is watching them, I'd say that it could easily be that this kind of thing is more widespread than we know right now.  But that is a guess to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

    Anyway, I've always said that the thing that made me most nervous about the Bush Administration was the lack of leaks.  It was the most secretive and lockstep bunch of people that I'd ever seen come through town.  And they were doing A LOT of bad shit - torture anyone?  Remember that?  

    People should not be so eagerly dismissive about this story just because you happen to like the guy who currently sits in the Oval Office.

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