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View Diary: One-click to save the U.S. Postal Service (67 comments)

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  •  DeFazio isn't trying to save Saturday (5+ / 0-)

    delivery.  He's trying to save the Postal Service.  Clearly you've missed the point and haven't even bothered to read the article I provided you.

    •  There is no serious efforts to (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      pee dee fire ant

      destroy the Postal Service. So "saving" it is not necessary (much as no one is trying to take away our guns, so stopping those people is also nonsense). The USPS is going to survive. The only things they are looking at is shrinking it and shrinking the number of days of delivery. It used to be that everything was on paper, and that the post office delivered all paper. Now we have fax and email and electronic banking, as well as Fedex et al. Technology has changed information flow forever. Yet some people still want to live as if it were the 19th century, on a dirt road with no transportation and no electronic banking, and those people still want the same 6-day delivery that we had over 100 years ago. You can't fight progress forever.

      •  You've really entered the willfully ignorant (4+ / 0-)

        zone at this point.  

        Maybe you should look up "Rural Free Home Delivery" and learn about it.  Then also understand that this internet "thingy" that you seem to think ends any and all need for mail delivery, in many ways does quite the opposite.

        Unless and until a 3-D printer can create a cashmere sweater - among other things - your vision of a delivery-free economy is simply unrealistic.  I dream of Jeannie too, but I know that her powers aren't real.

      •  Here's where you become an idiot. (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        cosette, Ginny in CO

        We're not going to fire you, but we're going to make you pay for your retirement in advance. Since your working career is, say, 20 years, and you may expect to live another 20 beyond that, you must now pay for that in the next five years. It will take approximately 90% of everything you make. Start now. Oh, you may NOT get a second job or develop any other streams of revenue, under penalty of law. Oh, by the way... since fewer people are using what we are still ALLOWED to offer, you won't be getting any pay raises either, and look forward to your present benefits being cut.

        Since you are union, we are hiring scabs called "Carrier Assistants" who are paid far less than a working wage, work only part time, and take away all your overtime, if any.

        I hope you didn't get too used to eating.....

        "Wealthy the Spirit which knows its own flight. Stealthy the Hunter who slays his own fright. Blessed is the Traveler who journeys the length of the Light."

        by CanisMaximus on Sat May 18, 2013 at 06:10:25 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  Oh, come on, that's baloney. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        The requirement to overfund its pension is EXACTLY that: a serious effort to destroy the Post Office.

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