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  •  Purpose of fluoride is to medicate without consent (4+ / 0-)

    Chlorine is put into the water to make to safe to drink.

    Fluoride is put into the water to medicate the entire population, whether individuals consent to it or not.

    The argument for fluoride is that it treats a health condition, not that it makes water safe.

    But even if your doctor recommends medication, you have the right to make the final decision for yourself.

    The city does not give you that choice: some elected people compel you to take this medication and they decide on the dosage.

    Moreover, the amount of the medication put into the water is based on the average person consuming an average amount of water. Anyone who consumes more than average gets a larger dose than even the city council members intended to prescribe (and administer to you).

    That includes infants who drink formula reconstituted with municipal water, who get a whopping great dose of fluoride; people who are more active (workers, athletes, soldiers); and people with illnesses like diabetes, causing them to consume more water than average.

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